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Adam just finished his first semester at Albert Einstein Academy, college prep middle school. He is doing GREAT and he loves the challenges of this Arts and Sciences school. He has become quite an expert clarinet player and is 2 ranks away from Eagle Scout. He is one belt from testing to Black Belt in karate. And he is halfway through his Bar Mitzvah training on his way to becoming 13 in July 2013.


Adam volunteers for Hardy Brain Training and Interactive Metronome and has been featured in many news stories this past year. He feel so proud to tell his story and gives people hope that they can improve their lives like he did. He is a very smart, humble and caring person that everyone falls in love with.


He is very touched by the stories of children that we help through the KD Foundation. He is off low-dose aspirin now and has suffered through many nuclear heart MRIs and scans to learn that his heart is in good condition at this time in his life.


Adam wants to be a doctor or a scientist. Or perhaps both. I have no doubt he will be a huge success and lend his hand to helping people for the rest of his life.


Thank you for supporting Adam and reading his story.

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Adam's audiologist diagnosed him with APD in November (auditory processing disorder). He was extremely sensitive to background sounds and had a severe decoding problem in his left ear. He has always failed hearing exams at school, but his hearing was actually fine. After a couple months of training using Earobics and de- sensitizing him to background noise, his APD evaluation came back NORMAL yesterday! Another huge success for Adam. He is finishing 4th grade next week with an A- average. What a kid!
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This has been an amazing year for Adam again. 4th grade will be over soon and Adam has mastered PowerPoint presentations, many new algebra concepts and the art of delivering a very effective speech. Adam honored me with the option to "opt-out" of my parent-teacher conference because he is above grade level on everything. And the first report card ever to have a "satisfactory" in listening was achieved.


Adam played fall ball with the Hart baseball league and the entire team cheered like crazy on the day when Adam got his first hit, stole second and third bases and then made it home and scored! Adam is a 2nd degree yellow belt in karate already and will participate in a sparring competition next weekend.


Adam is looking forward to summer and science and art camp as well as doing another round of metronome training to see how much more improvement we can get for next year!

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Adam had a terrific summer not having to attend summer school for the first time and not having many restrictions from the broken femur. He was right back riding his bike and swimming again. He began 4th grade yesterday and was very excited to learn that he will work on a laptop all year at school!

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The surgery to remove titanium from the femur was a huge success. I cannot describe the feeling and emotion a parent has when they wheel your child into surgery. I feel so much pain for any parent that has to experience this. It is so hard to sit and wait while your child's health/survival lies in the hands of another.


Adam is fine. He is watching the Laker game and cheering them on! He can bend the leg in 3-4 weeks and ride a bike for the first time in 7 months.





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